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Top 12 Bathroom Design Trends & Aesthetics Of 2024

Dreaming of transforming your outdated bathroom into a modern sanctuary? These bathroom trends for 2024 mix practicality with a few fresh, stylish twists. 

The common thread among these modern bathroom trends is a move towards timeless and classic designs, emphasizing natural and raw materials that remain stylish over time. 

Although these trends are fashionable now, their appeal is enduring. Here are the biggest bathroom trends you need to know to make your bathroom a highlight of your home. 

Things To Consider Before Jumping On A Bathroom Design Trend 

Before you dig into what's trending for your upcoming bathroom makeover, consider a few practical questions: 

What's not working in your current bathroom? 

Walk into your bathroom and think about what feels wrong. 

  • Are outdated fixtures, unfashionable color schemes, or aging tiles no longer appealing?

  • Are you constantly struggling with clutter due to insufficient storage? 

  • Does the layout hinder your morning routine?

How much do you want to spend on your bathroom remodel? 

Bathroom renovations can vary widely in cost, and most homeowners underestimate the cost of their remodel. The cost of materials (especially special touches like marble flooring or jacuzzi bathtubs), labor, and the overall scale of the project will all impact the bottom line. 

Decide on a budget early and explore trends that can deliver the most impact. 

Do you want to maximize space in your bathroom? 

For those with smaller bathrooms, maximizing every inch is crucial. Look for space-saving designs that enhance functionality without crowding your space. Features like wall-mounted fixtures, sliding doors, or clever storage cabinets can make a significant difference.

What's your home's current aesthetic? 

The abundance of design trends and materials can be overwhelming. To avoid decision fatigue, start by looking for a style that matches your existing vibe.

Use resources like this guide to identify trends that match your style and needs, ensuring your choices are both contemporary and practical.

12 Most Popular Bathroom Design Trends in 2024

1 - Farmhouse Bathrooms 

farmhouse bathroom trend in columbus oh

The white farmhouse trend is especially popular in Central Ohio and throughout the midwest. This bathroom trend features clean lines, wood accents, and a soothing neutral color palette, creating a calming space that won't go out of style any time soon. 

2 - Cottagecore Bathrooms

cottage bathroom trend columbus, oh

Creeping vines up the side of a stone hut, a luscious backyard garden—if this is your vibe, then the cottage bathroom trend will fit you like a glove. 

Cottagecore bathrooms feature vintage fixtures, floral wallpapers, and soft pastels. This style is warm, nostalgic, and charmingly old-fashioned.

3 - Cool Seascape Bathrooms 

cool seascape bathroom trend

If you're stuck in the suburbs but dream of the ocean, then it might be time to jump on the seascape bathroom trend. Stick to a palette of blues, greens, and sandy tones along with natural materials. 

4 - Sleek, Modern, Minimalist Bathrooms

minimalist bathroom trend Powell, oh

Looking for a bathroom trend that won't go out of style? Lean into sleek fixtures and monochromatic colors to create a space that's both sophisticated and minimalist. 

Earthy greens, cool grays, and soft tan palettes are popular when it comes to the neut.≠al minimalist bathroom trend. Simple elegance is always in style, so hopefully, you won't have to worry about another bathroom remodel for at least another decade or two. 

5 - Botanical Bathrooms With Natural Light 

botanical bathroom trend columbus, oh

Recent studies have shown that indoor plants may reduce stress levels, and to that we say "more plants, please!" If your bathroom remodel involves abundant natural light (skylights, anyone?) then the botanical bathroom trend might be for you. 

To get this look, integrate lush greenery on shelves and counters. Choose floral patterns for wallpaper or green subway tile to make your bathroom feel like a lively, verdant oasis. 

6 - Glam Bathrooms

glam girl bathroom trend

Did you love icons like Elle Woods and Cher Horowitz? Then, you'll be glad to know that glamorous, ultra-feminine bathroom aesthetics are in this year. 

To achieve this look, pair opulent materials like moody, black-veined marble and gold with dramatic chandeliers and bold bathroom colors to create a space designed to dazzle and impress. Don't be afraid to pick a tile that glitters in the sunlight. 

7 - Luxury Sauna Bathrooms 

luxury sauna nordic bathroom trend

Nordic-inspired Sauna-style bathrooms are trending more than ever in 2024. This aesthetic focuses on warmth and relaxation, featuring wood tones, soft lighting, and minimalist decor for a spa-like ambiance.

8 - French Country Bathrooms

French country bathroom trend

When you picture your happy place, does it include rolling hills, vineyards, and clinking glasses filled with fine wine? Then, the French Country bathroom trend might be just the one you've been looking for. 

This warmly inviting style uses distressed wood, ornate LED mirrors, and soft floral fabrics to craft a space that's reminiscent of a classic European aesthetic. 

9 - Bathroom With Rustic Elements 

rustic bathroom trend

If your home is otherwise part of the industrial aesthetic trend, then the rustic elements bathroom trend will feel like a natural choice. 

Wood furnishings, wood trim and moldings, large slabs of statement limestone or other natural stones, and metal fixtures converge to create a rugged yet cozy aesthetic that brings the beauty of the natural earth inside.

10 - Blue Tranquility Bathrooms

blue tranquility bathroom trend

Do you look forward to decompressing from the day by sinking into a hot bubble bath? If your bathroom is your chill room, then you'll love the navy blue bathroom trend. Makes sense considering studies have found the most tranquil color in the world is blue.  

Incorporate popular colors like sky blue or deep navy into your bathroom to promote tranquility and enjoy soothing reminders of the sea and sky.

11 - Copper-Accented Bathrooms 

copper accented bathroom trend

Copper-toned bathrooms are one of the more fun and bold trends of 2024. Jump on this bathroom trend to add an industrial chic aesthetic to your space. 

Opt for copper fixtures and copper-colored checkerboard tile accents. Pair with bold or neutral colors—copper looks great with both. 

12 - Noir Bathrooms 

black bathroom trend

Nothing says "luxurious" like a boldly black bathroom. Dark tiles, chocolate walls, and matte black fixtures (or with a splash of copper) are a sharp, trendy combination.

If you're worried black will make your already-small bathroom look smaller, soften things up with textural contrasts to add depth and interest. 

2024 Bathroom Trends: Frequently Asked Questions

Bathroom color trends are gravitating towards earthy tones and soothing pastels. Expect to see a range of warm grays, soft greens, and muted blues. These colors reflect a growing preference for calming, nature-inspired hues that transform the bathroom into a tranquil retreat.

The upcoming trend for bathroom fixtures includes matte black, brushed gold, and copper. These choices are not only aesthetically pleasing but also versatile, pairing well with various bathroom styles from modern to classic.

What is the newest trend in bathrooms?

The latest trend in bathroom design is the integration of technology and sustainability. Smart showers, smart toilets, towel warmers, water-saving fixtures, and mirror defoggers are becoming increasingly popular. 

Additionally, the use of sustainable materials like recycled glass and reclaimed wood is on the rise, reflecting a broader shift towards eco-friendly design choices.

If you're ready to transform your bathroom into a stylish sanctuary that reflects the latest 2024 trends, why wait? Book a consultation with us today and take the first step in the remodeling journey. Let's bring your vision to life together! 

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