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home remodeling process

Our Home Remodeling 

01 Collaboration

Every home remodeling creation starts with the first phone call. Your home is an extension of you, and it is essential to understand your style and needs. So we want to know everything—and we mean everything!

  • What are the problems you have with your current space?

  • What goals do you have for improving the area to make life easier?

  • How do you intend to use the space? 

  • What is your ideal budget? 


For a creation to take shape, we need to see the space. Therefore, when we do our initial phone consultation, we will determine if we should begin by scheduling a time to visit your home, or have you send us photos and measurements of the space you wish to change. Then, we'll help you establish a realistic budget range for the project. 

02 Innovation

Our next step is to create a design contract with you. We charge for design work based upon the scope of the project so we can provide you with the best designers in the business. Design fees vary depending on the complexity of your request.

At our Design Center, we will create your design. Our first design meeting will begin with 1-2 concept designs. We will also have sample material selections available to share with you. If you fall in love with the design at the first meeting, we can finalize the design phase. Sometimes, a second meeting is needed for revisions based on your feedback after we review the initial design, and we are happy to do so. 

03 Creation

Upon completion of a design and scope of work, we will create a contract for your project. Once you have taken the final step in signing your contract, we will schedule a material selection meeting. This is where we will finalize your materials and fixtures based on the allowances that were used to create your contract price.


We'll handle all the ordering of materials necessary to complete your creation. We only use the highest quality materials. Additionally, we handle cabinet manufacturing in our own facility. 

During this period of time, we will also come to the home with your Project Manager and any trade professionals that need to be involved in your project so they can develop their scope of work. This is all necessary to create the timeline and establish a start date for the project.

04 Production

When the production phase of your project begins, our staff and licensed/insured subcontractors will begin work. The length of time for this phase will vary based on the size of your project. Your Project Manager will frequently be on site and be able to answer any questions you may have during the process.


Your Designer will also periodically check in both via phone/email communication, plus site visits during things like countertop template and cabinet installation. The timeline for your project will be updated approximately every two weeks. As we get close to completion, your Project Manager will do a walk-through with you to assure we have taken care of any punch-list items. 

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