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Showcase of our past work
Gallery of our artisanship

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We all work toward a vision where everything in our home is perfect!  Can you imagine never worrying about a project list of constantly sorting and organizing, and you just live? Everything is at your fingertips; everything has its place; everything is functional! Even your children learn organization and the difference it makes in day to day living.

All creations we bring to life start with a problem. That problem is like a dull pain that you wish you could get rid of if you only knew how. It’s typically a problem of “well, it’d be nice if this were….” or “well, this could be better, but not sure how.” At that point, when you finally seek out a remedy, you will quickly realize our intellectually thought out designs can solve that problem.  Homes are built for “builders”….not for the functionality and convenience of the homeowner. 

Functional Living Design Group has a long history of solving the problems our customers face. A creation that we undertake is a personally tailored, functional masterpiece. If you don’t believe us, examine the case studies of our previous customer creations. Every room we have showcased had a unique problem, one in which we solved. Overall, our goal is to give you a complete picture of how our company would approach and ultimately solve your problem by adding value and convenience to your life.

Bed with Blue Pillows



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