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Master Dressing Room Remodel in Dublin
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The customer had a large beautiful home, but like so many, the closet and storage capacity in the home was inadequate. The closet systems that were in the home did not take full advantage of the spaces available and were poorly designed. To give you an idea, the master closet for the master bedroom was only adequate for the husband’s clothes. The wife wanted to find a larger space in the home to convert to a large dressing room to create a space large enough to “shop” in her closet to find her clothes and outfits for the day’s events.

There was a large bonus room off the master bedroom area. The room had good lighting with windows but was hampered by the builder’s poor lighting and carpet. We did a full inventory of the customer’s clothing and storage needs. We designed a space to allow her to see her wardrobe and individual areas for purses, shoes, jewelry, various hanging needs, and ample shelving for folded items. Also, we upgraded the lighting in the space with decorative overhead and pendant lighting. Next to go was the carpet, and new hardwood flooring installed, allowing for easier floor care maintenance. We then tiled one of the walls, and glass shelving was installed so the customer could use that area for decorative items to personalize the space. Finally, a lighted cabinet was also included allowing the customer to decorate with illuminated family photos and special personal mementos.

Before (needs images)
After (Needs images)

“We had a positive experience and would recommend them to potential clients. Our closet turned out beautifully and the quality and detail of the work was exceptional. Everyone on the team was friendly and easy to work with. Our project was accomplished in a timely manner and at essentially the same price as initially estimated. Kathy and her team were always reachable and approachable, which made the project less stressful. We are even contracting them for other home projects!”

- Jessica S. 
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