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Master Bathroom and Master Closet in Westerville
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The existing master bedroom had a cathedral ceiling between the bedroom and the master bath. Since the wall separating the two areas was only 8′ tall, the bathroom light illuminated the bedroom whenever someone went into the bathroom area. Therefore, during the night or early hours, anyone still in the bedroom asleep would wake up. The master closet entry was also in the master bath, and the entry’s awkward position made the closet narrow and cramped. The master bath had a small shower and a large tub, which was not used. The vanity cabinets were poorly designed and did not allow for adequate storage.

We started with the wall between the bedroom and bathroom by extending to the cathedral ceiling. This extension closed the two rooms off from one another. The large tub was removed from the bathroom, allowing us to extend the size of the shower.  We then removed the current vanities and, in their place, upgraded new vanities, with various custom storage capacities included.  We installed two matching cabinets with linen storage and hampers in the space remaining from the old tub.  The countertops were all done in Cambria quartz.  Finally, the new master closet door was repositioned to open from the master bedroom with a new customer closet system, complete with drawers, allowing for a significant increase in clothing, shoes, and purse storage.

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